John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

September 2014 Journal

Today we had an easy day, we took our walk around lake, John ran his bait traps and did a walkabout to the burned out bridge.  I had some good harmonica practice and did some reading in my hammock.  Tonight we headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night.  Our crowd is growing.  We had Craig, Debi, Joy, Steve, Sue, Bob, Fred, Judy, John and I.  Chicago Sandy got to jam with the Hoochi Coochi man and lots of others.  29   We have a full day today.  We were up early for golfing at Key West Golf Course with Delis and Marty.  After 18 holes, I was done.  The boys wanted a few more holes, so I drove the cart and relaxed while they golfed another 3 holes.  John and I stopped at the clubhouse for a cocktail.  Now we headed home to regroup.
There is a benefit at Boondocks tonight hosted by the Key West Parrothead Club.  So we headed over there.  The proceeds help with medical costs for
Barbara Anne and Mickey Foster.  There are over 25 local musicians performing 2 songs each.  Ray West, Billy Brown, Howard Livingston, Terry Cassidy, and so many more.  The Coconut Castaways were there helping with raffles.  We had dinner and cocktails, some great music and got to catch up with lots of friends we haven’t seen since we left in May.      
28   We were going to take a time-out and watch football at home, but we want to see the Bears game and it’s not on here.  So we headed to Boondocks where they have the ticket and lot’s of tv’s and food and drink specials.  We watched the first games, had some cocktails and wings and then headed back to our place.  Now we took a time-out and watched football at home.

27   So we wanted to have more beach days, and today we wanted to check out Geiger Key beach.  We parked at the end of the road and took a walk.  It’s not our kind of beach.  There is hardly any sand, and lots and lots of old sea grass.  We took a walk but will not head there again.  Now we stopped at Geiger Key Marina for lunch.  We didn’t get our swimming in, so now its pool time.  There was a bunch at the pool, so we hung out and enjoyed the water.  Craig is smoking ribs and invited us over.  So we had a couple cocktails, enjoyed some great ribs and hung out with Craig and Debi. 

26   After some domestic projects, we headed to the pool.  Joy was there and Debi stopped by.  We corrupted Joy into going to Mangrove Mamas later.  After regrouping, we had some coconut rum and music in our yard with Debi and then John and I walked up to Mangrove Mamas.  We were going to have dinner, but it ended up only drinks.  The Crosseyed Catfish Blues Band with Jersey Slim on harmonica was performing tonight.  Steve, Sue, Craig, Debi, Joy, Bill and Mike joined us.  We all enjoyed great music, fun and friends.
25   We had a lazy morning and then had to do some grocery shopping.  Now John is ready for a hike, so he headed to the burned out bridge a 6.5 mile walk.  I put up my hammock and did some reading.  Tonight is movie night, but we decided to stay in and watch football.

A few showers this morning, but John headed out fishing.  I stayed back and practiced harmonica.  He had nothing, no fish and no hits.  The sun came out and we headed to the pool for rays, reading and relaxing

We lost a good friend today, Steve Venard.  He was always fun, positive and a great guy.  RIP Steve. 
We were up and ready to go fishing at 7am this morning.  But we got pushed inside by the thunder, lightning and rain.  After doing some reading and relaxing, the rain stopped and John was ready, so we headed to the bridge for fishing.  It was a nice afternoon, but no fish.  We did have 2 hits, but that’s it.  We regrouped and went to Looe Key Tiki Bar for taco Tuesday and jam night.  Craig, Debi, and Joy met us up there.  Chicago Sandy got to play with Billy Brown and the band.  We did some dancing and had a great time.

John was out checking his bait traps and I made some crockpot gumbo for later.  I headed to the pool and John headed out for a 5 mile walk.  We both hung around the pool with Joy, Debi, Linda and Joe for a while listening to trop rock music.  After our gumbo, we kidnapped Joy and Debi and walked over to KOA for happy hour.  Steve and Sue stopped by and we watched some of the Bears game and then Linda gave us a ride home on her golf cart.

We headed down to Key West to Smokin Tuna for the KW Musicians Fest.  Ray West was playing first and then Bill Blue with Larry Baeder.  We decided to move on and stopped at Ricks back bar to watch football and see if Todd and Deborah were there.  Yep, so we hung out with them for a while, watched some football, had some cocktails and then headed home.
20   After our coffee and newspaper while looking out over the mangroves to the bay, we took our walk around the lake to visit with people.  Now John is working on his fishing stuff and I’m practicing my harmonica.  We headed to the pool for a little rays, rest and reading.  Now it’s time to regroup and head to Looe Key Tiki Bar to meet up with Craig, Debi, Steve and Sue and listen to Haywire.
 19   Today were getting the last of our major projects out of the way.  John got some chum, so he ran his bait traps and we’ll see how he does.  We kidnapped Debi and walked over to KOA for happy hour.  Linda picked us up in her golf cart on her way over.  We got to see a bunch of friends and hang out at the tiki bar overlooking the ocean.  On our walk back, there was lighting in the sky with the stars.

Domestic day, cleaning and organizing both the inside and outside of our rig and our site.  We had some showers move in, so we stayed in and got caught up on our journal, photos, website and football picks.  Tonight is movie night, so we headed for our tropical sit in under the stars.  Craig had a short about Key West and then a comedy horror movie.

   17   We were up and on the road by 7am.  We are traveling from Ft Pierce Fl to Lazy Lakes on Sugarloaf Key about 270 miles.  We took our time getting set up since we will be here for 7 months.  We got a lot done and now its cocktail time.  We enjoyed a couple cocktails and catching up in our yard with Craig, Debi and Joy.
16   We were up and on the road by 7am.  We have a long travel day, Panama City Beach to Ft Pierce Fl about 470 miles.  We had a good travel day and got set up for just an overnight. 

15   The next couple days will be long travel days from Panama City Beach to Sugarloaf Key.  Today is a domestic day to get everything done for the next few days.

14   This morning we had to get ready early.  Today the fest starts at noon.
Today’s line up is:  Caribbean Chillers – Boat Drunks – Mac McAnally.  There are a few clouds and thunder but no lighting so hopefully everything will work out.
After the Caribbean Chillers there was a beach ball contest which John and I joined in on.  We didn’t win, but we had fun.  Today another Radio Margaritaville DJ stopped by, Steve Huntington.  So we have JD Spradlin and Steve.  Now the Boat Drunks took the stage.  We have seen them a lot and love there music.  Howie has given me harmonica pointers over the years.  Mac McAnally joined the Boat Drunks on stage for a few songs.  Now Mac McAnally is on stage.  When he is solo he tells lots of stories about his songs.  It really makes the songs better knowing how and why they were written.
With the fest over early at 6pm, John and I headed to Runaway Island to see our buddy Gene Mitchell.  Our friends Kathy and Ed decided to join us.  We got some seats in the bar overlooking the stage and the ocean.  We got to meet Teresa, Gene’s wife and some other friends of Gene’s.  We had a great time during the “Chasin the Sun” fest here in Panama City Beach.  There are a lot of phriends we met that we will see at MOTM (Meeting of the Minds) in October down in Key West. 

13   This morning we headed to the pool for a while.  The weather is not as nice as yesterday.  There is thunder and storm clouds all around.
The “Chasin the Sun” fest starts again at 4pm.  Since were all checked in and it was raining when we left, we got to the fest a few minutes before 4pm.  Today’s line up is:  Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band – Nadirah Shakoor – Jan and Dean’s Beach Party.   It’s not raining now and Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo started the show.  We are all experienced parrotheads and have our rain gear ready.  That’s good because we needed it for a little while.  Jim Morris continued for about 45 minutes and then had to stop due to the lightning.  It didn’t look good and they ended up cancelling the fest for today.
That’s ok, John and I and a bunch headed to Margaritaville.  So did Nadirah Shakoor.  We found a couple seats at the bar and met Patti.  She knows a bunch of our parrothead friends from other clubs.  The Boat Drunks stopped by and we met Jake and then I went to say hi to Howie.  Howie has been helpful to me on tips for my harmonica playing.  They played a couple songs with Nadirah.  Even though it was a rain out, we had a great time. 
12   We hung around our campground and went to the pool for a while.  Now it’s time to regroup and head to the “Chasin the Sun” music festival starting at 4pm.
Today’s line up is: Conch Republic Band – Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef – Peter Mayer Group.  We got there around 3pm to get checked in and scope out how the VIP section works.  We are so happy we got VIP tickets.  We get the front area where there are tables and chairs, 2 drinks each day, and good heavy appetizers each day included in our ticket.
We met some of the friends we made last night and more new friends.  One couple that sat with us was Kathy and Ed.  We had a great time with them.  We filled out a ticket for a 2 night stay at one of the condos, and I ended up winning it.  I guess we’ll have to come back, OK!
We met JD Spradlin, a radio DJ on Radio Margaritaville.  He is a fun character and a great host for the fest.  We also met Kathleen which we haven’t seen in a few years.  We met Dave, Bruce and Mary Lou the Queen of Conch.  Dave decided to upgrade to the VIP so we got to hang out with him.  The bands were great, the weather was great, the venue was great and the phriends were great.  Tomorrow we get to do it again!!
11   John was in the kitchen making up a batch of salsa.  Now some R&R pool time.
Today is the start of the 4 day trop rock “Chasin the Sun” Festival.  Even though it technical starts tomorrow, there are pre-parties and every day there are after parties.  So we will have lots of great music, meet lots of new friends and party hardy the next few days.
Tonight Gene Mitchell is at Runaway Island on the beach deck, but the Trop Rock Junkies will also be playing at Runaway Island on the upper deck.  We got there and started meeting lots of parrotheads from the Panama City Beach PHC and a few other clubs as well.
Mary Lou the Queen of Conch sat with us and we hung out with Crazy Carolyn, Herman, Ann and lots of others.  We met Bill and Dave the President and VP of the club.  Gene Mitchell was suppose to play downstairs, but he couldn’t play while the Trop Rock Junkies were playing, so he came up and hung out with all of us.  The officers of the PCBPHC, did the ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS and we all had a great time.  Tomorrow we will be at the bandshell at Pier Park for the start of the 3 day festival
10   Today we had a rough day hanging out at the pool

OK, rain over, another beach day.  We did our beach walks and John did 8 miles round trip.  While we were relaxing in the warm ocean water, we had some visitors.  A group of 6 baby manta rays started surfing in the wave’s right next to us.  They hung around for quite a while surfing the waves and catching plankton.  After our beach time, we had some pool time and then had to regroup for happy hour.  Sharky’s Tiki Bar on the beach has happy hour, music and a beautiful sunset.  Another rough day. 
8   This morning we had some thunderstorms move in.  This is the first time in months we’ve had any rain to speak of on our journey.  So we listened to the thunder and the rain and did some reading in the cow. 

Football Sunday!!  We got some projects done this morning, and then watched the early games in the cow.  Tonight is jam night at Whiskeys Saloon.  So we headed there for the second games and the jam night.  Chicago Sandy met Al the host and after the first set got to jam with the group.  Bonnie and Jackie wanted to sing Mustang Sally so Chicago Sandy accompanied on the harp.  We had a great time at Whiskeys, jamming with the band and watching football.  Thanks to Al the host, vocals, trumpet and trombone, Joe on drums, Leo on sax, Will on bass, Robert on guitar, Bonnie and Jackie on vocals, Don on keyboards and Jeff on harp. 

6   Today we had a hang out day.  We did some domestic stuff and R&R.

Yesterday we added a couple items to our beach attire.  We got a beach umbrella and a beach chair.  So we took our beach stuff and guess where we headed; to the beach.  We started on a beach walk and after about ¾ mile I headed back.  John continued on to do about a 5 mile round trip beach walk.  We enjoyed some relaxing in the warm ocean water and soaked up some rays and did some reading.  Now it’s time to regroup and we headed to the Barefoot Beach Bar for happy hour.  Now we went to Runaway Island for drinks and dinner on the deck overlooking the beach.  Our friend, Gene Mitchell was performing and we enjoyed his music while watching the sunset.
 4   We had another lazy day.  We hung out at the pool, had a nice steak dinner and then watched some football.

We had a relaxing day today.  We took a walk out on Panama City Beach, and then headed to the pool for some reading and relaxing.  
2   “On the Road Again”.  We have a short travel day today, about 80 miles from Navarre Beach to Panama City Beach.  We didn’t get on the road until around 930 am and then we were all set up by noon.  After lunch, we headed to the pool for some relaxing, reading and rays.  Now we regrouped and headed to Margaritaville.  A trop rock musician we like, Gene Mitchell is playing there tonight.  We got there just as he was starting and we had a table on the deck overlooking the gulf.  On break, we talked to him for a few minutes and he gave us his schedule for while were here.  
1   This morning I worked on my journal, pics and website.  I have a tendency to always fall behind.  That almost done, now we did some reading, I practiced harmonica.  Tomorrow we are headed out, so we did gas up and get some supplies.