John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

October 2014 Journal

We picked Linda and Steve up at 10am and headed to Duval St for the MOTM Street Fest.  Today Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo starts at 1pm and at 330pm Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.  Richard met us up there.  We saw Video Dave and lots of other friends.  Afterwards there was a photo shoot of all Howard’s fans that have contributed to KOA Care Camp for kids with cancer, purchasing a turquoise hat.  We had a great day and we are heading home.  It’s an early evening and that’s ok, because we have another long day tomorrow.
30   We had a relaxing morning and then picked up Linda at 2pm and headed for the Casa for another MOTM Party.  Steve met us there and we all got registered.  Tonight the Boat Drunks are on the main stage.
Linda and I saw some of their show before walking to Joe’s house.  He is having a house party tonight with different musicians.  John and Steve stayed to watch the Boat Drunks.  Then Steve headed home and John came over to Joe’s.  There were about 30 people there.
We knew quite a few, CW Colt, Howard and Cyndi Livingston, the Mayor – Craig Cates and his wife, Paul Cotton from Poco, Mac McAnally and Lulu Buffett.  Lulu we hadn’t met before but everyone else we did.  There were a couple musicians we didn’t know and they started the house concert.
Then CW Colt.  Now Mac McAnally.  Mac holds the record of 7 consecutive CMA Musician of the Year Award including 2014.  Mac played guitar, piano and harmonica.  We love to listen to his stories about his songs and events that lead him to write those songs.  Howard played a few songs after Mac and also Paul Cotton and CW Colt played a few songs.  We got to chat with Mac and Lulu.  Lulu is Jimmy Buffett’s sister and has a great tiki bar in Gulf Shores MS.  Where we stopped to see our friend Brent Burns.
We had a great time.  Thanks Joe for inviting us!

29   We tried to corrupt Suzy to stay but she has to head home.  Larry stopped by for coffee and then we headed to the airport to drop off Suzy.  John and I headed into town for breakfast at Two Friends Restaurant.  We walked over to Capt Tony’s to say hi to Howie and Jake from The Boat Drunks.  Then over to Smokin Tuna to find Steve and check out the KWPHC street party.  We hung at Smokin Tuna and listened to Rob Mehl and then Capt Josh at the street party.  Now over to Capt Tony’s to see Mike and Jake from The Boat Drunks with Carl Peachy.  Steve found us there and then Pete and Kathy showed up.  Now it’s time to head to Schooner Wharf to see Brent Burns.  We saw Barb and Dave Herzog.  Dwight and Dona let us share their table and then Derby Dave who we met at Chasin the Sun in Panama City Beach showed up.  After Brent Burns, we headed home.  Tonight we took a time-out, because we have had a few long days and a few more to come.
28   Larry invited Suzy, John and I over for breakfast.  Now it’s time to head to the pool for some R&R.  All ready to go again, we headed out to Looe Key Tiki for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night.  Chicago Sandy performed quite a bit and we had a nice group.  Craig, Debi, Steve, Sue, Suzy, Chuck, Richard, John and I.  As always, we had a great time.
27   We had an easy morning and headed to the pool early.  Our friends from New Orleans, Maggie and Gino stopped by for cocktails around 330p.  Debi stopped by and then we kidnapped Debi and drove over to KOA for happy hour.  No bingo tonight for us.  We left KOA and went to Boondocks for the MOTM Pit Stop Too Party.  Rob Mehl and Mike Miller were performing and then the Trop Rock Junkies came on.  
26   We have a big day today.  First, Suzy, Larry, John and I headed down to the Green Parrot for the Sunday Jazz Jam.  We met Steve and Richard there.  Raven was the first featured singer.  Chicago Sandy played a few songs with her.  Suzy met Gordon and he started hanging with us.  Now Maggie got up to sing Summertime and Chicago Sandy joined in.  The jams over and it’s time to head to Boondocks to see the Red Elvises.  We kidnapped Gordon so Gordon, Suzy, Larry, John and I met Steve, Sue, Peggy and Nancy at Boondocks.  After a couple hours Gordon had to catch the bus back to Key West and we all headed home.  We did end up having a nightcap in our yard.
25   We had a relaxing morning which we all needed.  Now it’s time for the Fantasy Fest Parade.  Larry, Suzy, John and I drove down together again.  We walked Duval and lots more people were painted today.  We stopped at Hogsbreath to catch up with some friends of Suzy.  Now we slowly made it to our parade watching corner.  We always watch the parade near Kelly’s on Whitehead.  Joy, Rich, Maggie and Gino joined us.  We got lots of beads and enjoyed all the floats.  We ended up at Ricks and listened to Yo Adrian for a while.  Were done so we headed home.  Another great day.
24   Today is the Fantasy Fest street party and locals parade.  Larry, Suzy, John and I drove down together.  Along the way we hooked up with Steve, Sue, Peggy, Nancy, Maggie, Gino, Joy, Rich, Woody, Chris, Maggie, Gino, Todd and Debra.  What a group we were.  It was a perfect day and night.
23   This morning we headed out to pick up our friend Suzy at Key West airport.  She is visiting for Fantasy Fest and MOTM.  It’s still raining, so we headed up to pick up some groceries and then took a time-out during a downpour at the cow.  Now it’s time to head to the KOA for happy hour.

We have some busy days coming up and John was itchin for fishing.  He has bait and even though it’s going to rain on him and Larry, they headed to the bridge for some morning fishing.  I watched the rain and practiced my harmonica.  Another good day for domestic stuff.  Tonight we had a nice steak dinner and relaxed.

This morning we started our projects early.  Rain is on the way and a lot of it.  John got Big Red washed shortly before it started.  I cleaned and organized inside.  Our friend Suzy is coming to visit on Thursday and we have a really busy 2 weeks coming up starting Friday.
We have the end of Fantasy Fest parties and parades and then go right into MOTM (Meeting of the Minds) the huge 6 day parrothead party.  Next the powerboat races.  So today when the rain came it was a perfect time for me to work on my journal, pics and website.
Even though it’s raining, were heading to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night.  Debi and Sally drove with us and Craig met us there.  Since it’s raining, we have a smaller crowd.  We did meet up with Maggie and Gino.  We met Maggie at the Tropical Isle in New Orleans.  Maggie and Chicago Sandy played a few songs there.  Now there down for Fantasy Fest.  Maggie got up to sing a few and she can really belt out the blues.  Chicago Sandy accompanied on harmonica.  The rain stopped and more jammers showed up.  As always, we had a great time. 

20   Raven was so good yesterday at the Parrot and she invited Chicago Sandy to stop by Schooner Wharf Bar today and play a few songs.  So off we went.  We met Peggy, Nancy, Steve and Richard there.  It’s a perfect afternoon for music.  After Raven played a few sets, Chicago Sandy got up to play a few songs with her.  We could only stay until around 3pm.  Tonight is KOA night and the first week of bingo.  The rain came in and John decided to ground himself.  I picked up Debi and we drove to KOA.  We had Linda, Steve, Sue, Steve, Richard, Craig and Debi there.  Joy stopped by and of course there were all the regulars.  Steve and Richard left before bingo and I ended up winning the first game of the season.
19   We headed to the Green Parrot in Key West for their Sunday Jazz Jam.  Today Raven was feature on vocals and she is just so good.  Mike was on bass guitar and is the host.  Hal on drums, Terri on guitar, Alex on trumpet, a couple saxophone players and Chicago Sandy on harmonica.  We had Steve, Sue, Steve, Richard, Peggy and Nancy join us.  We stayed after the jam for a few songs to listen to Larry Baeder and Chris Spies.
18   Today we are taking it easy.  We took our morning lake walk and the water was like glass.  We worked on a few projects, John cleaned out Big Red and I worked on journal, pics and website.  Tonight we grounded ourselves and watched some tv.
17   Today is our 8 year RV Gypsy Anniversary.  We left Antioch 8 years ago to start our new RV Gypsy lifestyle adventure.  It is amazing at what we have done, the people we have met and experiences we have had in the last 8 years.  But were just getting started.
Today we were up and out early by 630am.  TJ invited us out fishing in his boat for his birthday.  We are heading offshore of Key West.  When we left the dock at 7am, we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise.  We did some trolling but that didn’t result in any hits.  So we regrouped and found a place where we were hitting on yellowtail and mangrove snappers, caravelle jacks, and small groupers.  I had a barracuda go after one of my yellowtails as I was pulling it in.
We headed back and checked out the pits where the submarines where hidden during the cold war.  We saw a family of Manatees.  Mama, Daddy and Baby.  We fished outside of there near the channel and caught mangroves and jacks.  TJ went lobster diving and caught a couple undersized.  John caught a huge stingray.  We through the stingray and any undersized back and still had a lot of fish to clean for a great dinner.
We regrouped at TJ and Robins and then the 4 of us headed to Duval for Goombay Fest.  We had some good food, we were there for the Goombay parade and then stopped at Virgilio’s for Martini’s.  It was a great day but now it’s time to head home.

16   Today we hung around the campground.  John did a walkabout to the burned out bridge and I headed to the pool for some rays, reading and relaxing.  After a nice fish dinner, we regrouped and headed to the clubhouse for our tropical outdoor drive in movie.  Tonight’s feature is Godzilla.

The tides are right for afternoon bridge fishing.  So John and I headed out around 1pm and had a few jacks hit our line.  It was quiet for a long time and then when we were going to leave the mangrove started hitting.  We got a bunch and the sun will be setting soon, so we headed back.  Our buddy Larry arrived today so we talked to him at the fish cleaning station.  We took a time-out this evening.
14   We had an easy day and then it’s Tuesday so that means Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night.  Chicago Sandy got to jam and we had 13 of us from Lazy Lakes, Venture Out and Breezy Pines.  Always a great time at Looe Key Jam Night.
13   This morning we were up and out for golfing with Delis and Marty.  They got a late start, so we met them on the 10th hole.  I’m still fighting this flu, so we picked up a few groceries and headed home to relax the rest of the day.
12   We headed to pick up some groceries and get something to bring to Craig and Debi’s later.  Craig is smokin a bunch of all different kinds of meat.  Debi made a bunch of salads, so were heading over there around 2pm.  Steve, Sue, Steve, Joy, Fish, Peggy, Nancy, Richard and more were at the cookout.  The food and friends were great. 
11   I’m fighting a little cold today, so I just took it easy.  I had to regroup to head to Boondocks to see Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.  Linda got a reserved table and John, Linda and I met Richard and Steve there.  Joy showed up and stayed at our table and then Steve, Sue, Peggy, Nancy got another table.  Of course Boondocks was packed and Howard played some songs he doesn’t normally play.  One problem, Howard’s Johnson was in the shop, so no auction or margarita’s.  That’s ok, next time.
10   Every so often you have to have a domestic day.  So today we are getting a few projects done and relaxing around the cow.

John headed out early for bridge fishing.  I decided to stay back and do some harmonica practice.  John caught 1 keeper mangrove, but he hit on to a couple jacks.  Later, I headed to the pool and John did a walkabout to the burned out bridge.  He met me at the pool and after a little R&R we headed back.  We enjoyed a couple cocktails in our yard, looking out our nature window.  Tonight is movie night, but we ended up staying home and watching football.

John and I were up and out by 7am.  We got to the bridge and had a nice morning fishing.  I caught 1 and John caught 4 mangrove snappers.  Two of them were really big over 16 inches long.  We also caught a parrotfish.  We through him back, but he was very colorful.  After a relaxing afternoon. We walked over to Mangrove Mamas for the Vote for Notes.  Craig and Debi picked us up on the way and we met Joy over there.  Vote for Notes is a Habitat for Humanity Benefit organized by Ray West.  There were 10 different acts performing.  Xavier Mcknight won the solo act and the Billy Brown Blues Band won the group act.  Keep note of Xavier.  He is 17 and heading to NY on a full scholarship for music.  He is good enough that he could compete in Americas Got Talent.  We met lots of other friends there and as always, had a great time.  
7   John was up and out right around sunrise for fishing.  I decided to sleep in and then do some harmonica practice.  After John got home with his catch, we regrouped and headed to the pool.
Tonight is Looe Key Tiki Bar for taco Tuesday and Jam Night.  We normally leave around 5pm, but our road to US1 was really flooded due to the high king tides.  We did head out around 6pm.  We met Steve and Sue there.  Joy rode with us and Craig, Debi and Sally came together.  Fred and Judy stopped by and we had a great night watching the full moon rise, having tacos and cocktails and listening to the band.  Chicago Sandy was jamming on stage.

6   This morning I still had a bad back ache.  So I took it easy and John went to run his bait traps and some fishing.  He wasn’t gone lone because the tides changed.  Later I was feeling better and we visited with Debi and Judy before going to KOA. 

Today we took a time-out to watch football and hang around the cow.  That’s good, because I had a back ache come on and needed a time-out.

This morning we took our walk around lake and visited with people along the way.  I got all caught up on my journal, pics and website.  Then John headed out for a walkabout to the burned out bridge and I had a good harmonica practice session.  After a nice dinner we walked over to KOA.  Haywire is playing early from 5-8pm. As always there was a crowd and after they ended we hopped a ride with Joy.  Linda, Dar and Dennis got a bonfire going on one of the sites and soon we had over a dozen people listening to music and partying by the fire.  There was lightening all around us but no rain.  We had a nice evening with good friends. 
3   This morning we did a few projects around the cow.  It’s still hot around 88 today, so we headed to the pool for a nice swim and some R&R.
Today is Debi’s birthday, and we went next door for a birthday happy hour drink, before regrouping.  We have a big group from Lazy Lakes headed to Mangrove Mamas tonight to celebrate Debi’s Birthday.  John and I walked up and got a table for 12.  As people came, we found it wasn’t enough so we ended up with more tables.  Ericson Holt Band was playing tonight and we all had cocktails, dinner and did some dancing.  Happy B’Day Debi!!!

2   We were up and out early this morning.  We headed to Key West to meet up with TJ and Robin.  They are taking us out on there boat fishing today.  We got in and headed out.  It’s a beautiful day, light breeze a few clouds and very small chop.  We all got fish.  I got a triggerfish, TJ got a cowfish, Robin a Porgy and John did the best.  He got his first keeper Gag Grouper.  It weighed in at 9 pounds and was 28 inches long.  Now we headed back, but made a stop at the Boca Chica sandbar for some relaxing in the warm ocean water and some ice cold beer.  Thank you TJ and Robin for a great day on the water.
We headed home, regrouped and walked over to the KOA.  Another party!  The Key West Parrotheads Club (which we belong to) are having an Island Party with Dave Herzog and Chuck with the Island Time Band.  Steve and Sue met us there and Linda, Dar and Dennis were there.  Lot’s of other friends came and there was a conch blowing contest which I entered but did really bad.  I still got a prize for entering, a coconut bra.  They had a hula hoop contest and more raffles.  We did some dancing and had a great time.
1   John checked his bait traps and only had one keeper bait.  So he reran them and then we got ready to head to the bridge for fishing.  There was thunder in the area, but no rain, so we headed out.  We got to the bait traps and it started pouring.  After a few minutes, it past us, so we checked the trap and it was loaded.
We headed to the bridge and did pretty good.  John caught the first fish of the season a Mangrove Snapper.  I got a couple mangroves and John got 5 mangroves.  He also caught a nurse shark and a nice grouper but it was undersized, so we threw back both the grouper and the shark.  Just as we got home, it started pouring.  Tonight we took a time-out.