John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

November 2014 Journal

Today we took a time-out football day and hung around and watched the games.

   29   We hung around and did some domestic stuff and some reading.  Now it’s time to regroup and head to Boondocks to see Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 band.  Tonight we had Joy, Robin, TJ, Steve, John and I.  Linda couldn’t make it she was up in Tampa for the weekend.  We had to live up to the tradition of a couple shots of coconut rum for Howard and of course all of us.  We did some dancing and also had to have some margaritas from Howards Johnson.
28   We needed groceries and it was time to give blood.  So we headed to Big Pine to take care of that.  John had to run bait traps and I practiced harmonica.  We have a windy cold front move in.  We dressed warm and walked over to Mangrove Mamas to see Anne Piper.  She is a blues singer from Australia.  We met Steve and Richard there.  Delis showed up.  Delis bailed first, then Steve, then John and I.  Richard stuck it out.  We were all just too cold.  It was 61 and windy.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  We had a nice morning having coffee on our verandah and then taking a walk around the lake.  Our park, Lazy Lakes, is having a potluck today.  The park is providing 2 turkeys and ham and everyone brings a dish.  We had lots of great food and enjoyed time with friends.  Fenton a neighbor at Lazy Lakes plays guitar and sings reggae.  We didn’t know this.  Fenton and a couple of his friends showed up with steel drums, keyboards, guitar and played reggae for our Thanksgiving feast.  Soon we had Jerry and Carmen join in on the washboard base, Douglas on the tambourine, and Chicago Sandy on harmonica.  Thank you to Fenton and his friends for the great music.
26   We took a time-out day to do a few projects and just relax and do some reading.

Today we took a time-out day and did some reading and relaxing.  Today is Tuesday so its jam night and tacos at Looe Key Tiki Bar.  Chicago Sandy did some jamming with the Taco Jam Band and we all had a great time.
24   Again, John and Larry were out fishing early at 630am.  I slept in and went for donuts and coffee at 9am.  They caught a couple but not their limit.  We kidnapped Debi at 430 and walked to KOA for happy hour and bingo.

Even though we had a late night last night, John and I headed out for bridge fishing.  However, we left around 10am not at dawn.  I didn’t catch anything and John caught a couple.  After a few hours we headed home and relaxed and watched football.

This morning we were on the road by 9am and heading to Winn Dixie in Key West.  Drew the manager is doing a food donation for the Lung Cancer Benefit for Robin.  He is donating, buns, water, a couple cookie trays and a nice cracker and cheese tray.  He had them ready for us and we thank him and all the people and businesses that donated items for the benefit.
Craig, Debi, Joy, Sally, John and I are all part of TEAM ROBIN.  We packed up the truck and we all headed to the KOA around 3pm.  The function starts at 6pm but we have to get everything set up.
KOA is offering the venue and a 2 night stay for the silent auction.  The band Afterthawt is donating their time and tips.  We have sloppy joes, meatballs and salads that Craig and Debi made.  Betty made 10 pies for desert.  Many others brought all sorts of salads, chips and deserts.  Steve and Larry took photos and videos.  There is a 10.00 donation at the door and many people also just donated even if they couldn’t attend.  We had 50/50 raffles throughout the evening and a silent auction.
Afterthawt was great and Chicago Sandy even got up to jam a couple songs with them.  TEAM ROBIN did a great job and it was great being a part of it.  We ended up raising close to 7k to help Robin and Mike with medical expenses for Robin.

21   Once again, John and Larry were out early for bridge fishing.  I practiced harmonica and did some computer projects.  John and I spent the afternoon reading and relaxing.  Tomorrow is the benefit and it will be a busy day.

We took our lake walk and John and Larry went to run bait traps.  I practiced harmonica and then we did some reading.  We did a few projects around our place.  Chuck invited Larry, Sally, John and I for dinner at his place.  He wants to thank us for helping get the parks kitchen cleaned up.  Sally had to work and couldn’t make it.  We brought wine and fish dip over.  Chuck and Douglas made a great dinner including appetizers, pork loin and veggies and then desert.  Thank you Chuck and Douglas for a great time.

This morning was cold, damp and windy.  Our temp is around 61.  However John and Larry headed out fishing at 630am.  I slept in and then did a few indoor projects.  The boys got back with their catch of mangrove snappers and jacks.  Now we headed up to pick up some groceries.  When we got back, John headed to the kitchen to make a new batch of salsa and help with making fish dip.  We had a nice dinner and then relaxed and watched Survivor.

18   It’s a cold windy morning, but John and Larry had the itch to fish.  They were out on the bridge by 7am.  I made some calls for more giveaways for our silent auction on Saturday for the Robins Lung Cancer Benefit.  It’s Tuesday and even though it’s cold, we headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for jam night and taco Tuesday.  We had Carmen, Bridget, Dino, Frisbee, Craig and Debi.  There were not a lot of people there.  Chicago Sandy played a while and then we all decided we were wimps and headed home.
17   We were up early for our lake walk and then the clubhouse for donuts, coffee and visiting with friends.  John was antsy so he headed to the burned out bridge for a walkabout.  It’s a nice day so I headed to the pool and John met me there.  After re-grouping we kidnapped Debi and walked to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  Carmen is in town with her son Dino and daughter-in-law Bridget.  They came over and also played a few games.

16   We headed to the Green Parrot for the Sunday Jazz Jam.  We met Richard and Steve there and enjoyed some good music, but it didn’t work out for Chicago Sandy to play.  Raven came and played for a while.  We left a little early and headed to Kiki’s Sandbar on Little Torch Key.  We met Steve and Richard.  Moose had Bob Paul and London Bob on stage.  At the break, Moose invited Chicago Sandy to plug in and play.  It’s a nice evening and we had a great time.     
15   After our lake walk, John was teaching Danny how to make a bait trap.  I got caught up on my pics, journal and website.  John did a walkabout to the burned out bridge and I did some harmonica practice.  We had a relaxing day and evening.

14   The season is starting and that means parties and potlucks here at Lazy Lakes.  Our buddy Chuck needed help cleaning and organizing the parks kitchen.  So this morning Chuck, Douglas, Sally, Larry, John and I got it spanking clean and ready to use.  We needed supplies for our kitchen, so we headed to Big Pine for groceries.
Work done, now party time.  We had Chuck, Douglas, Sally, and Richard over for cocktails and music at 430pm.  We couldn’t hang around too long, we are meeting Steve at Mangrove Mamas around 530pm.  Well, we were a little late.  We got there around 6pm and he had a nice table for us right in front.  Our group is Chuck, Douglas, Richard, Steve, Sally, John and I.  We had a nice dinner and then enjoyed some great blues from Sean Chambers and his band.
Dane, Mangrove Mamas owner got up to jam with the band and Chicago Sandy had a performance also.  Another great night in the Florida Keys.
13   We headed out canoeing with Larry.  Larry has a blow up kayak and we borrowed Robin and Wes’s canoe.  We launched at Robins place and explored the mangroves for a couple hours.  Now a little domestic stuff, some reading and watched football tonight.
  12   This morning were just hanging out and in the afternoon the tides are right so John and Larry headed to the bridge for fishing.  I stayed back and practiced on harmonica and did some reading.  Tonight is our time-out night.  We had a nice steak dinner and then watched Survivor.

Happy Veterans Day!!  Thank you to all the men and women that help protect our country.  Today, were having an easy day.  John took his burned out bridge walk of 6.5 miles and I practiced harmonica.  We headed over to Looe Key Tiki for Jam Night around 5pm.  Our group is Craig, Debi, Steve, Sally, John and I.  Our horny horn section tonight was Chris on trombone, Jammin George on sax and Chicago Sandy on harmonica.  There were lots of people and performers.
 10   We headed to Key West early.  We are making rounds today to see what items we can get from businesses for our silent action at Robins Benefit.  We ended up at Hurricane Hole for a late lunch and then headed home.  We did really good today and appreciate all the support from local businesses.  Now we regrouped and kidnapped Debi and walked to the KOA for happy hour and bingo.  TJ and Robin joined us tonight for bingo.  It still isn’t packed yet but the pots were ok, and I ended up winning twice.  Almost won the coverall, but I would have let John call bingo.  The rule is, if you win three times, you get thrown in the pool.

No fishing this morning, but we invited Larry over for a crockpot breakfast.  Now it’s time for some relaxing, catching up on my journal, photos and website and watching some football.  We headed to Kiki’s Sandbar on Little Torch at 4pm to see Moose.  It was canceled due to rain. Now we headed to KOA. Today is Ernie’s birthday and he and Cat hired Haywire to play. The KOA had a taco dinner. When we got there, there were only a few people.  Pretty soon the place was packed and when Haywire started the place was a rockin.

 8   Once again an early fishing morning.  For the 4th straight day, they have limited out in less than 2 hours.  This time they also caught a bunch of jacks.  We headed to Big Pine for more fish dip supplies.  We had a relaxing afternoon, made another big bowl of fish dip.  Passed out fish to some neighbors and had a nice fish dinner.

Another early fishing morning for John and Larry.  About 1 ½ hours and back with their limit.  The powerboat races are in town and Sally is on vacation.  So Sally, John and I headed down around 3pm for a little bar stroll and then to the boat parade on Duval.  We stopped at Schooner Wharf and listened to Michael McCloud.
Now a stop at Conch Republic before heading to our new sunset perch on the rooftop of the Galleon Resort.  More cocktails on our way to Duval.  We are supposed to meet up with Craig, Debi, TJ and Robin.  Well, we saw our Chicago friends, Steve and Ida and also other Lazy Lakers Ray and Bonnie.  But now the three of us are pretty much done and we stopped for some pizza and then headed home.

6   Again, John and Larry were up and out for fishing by 630am.  This time they were only gone about an hour and then back with their limit.  They had some really nice size snappers.  We had another easy day and went to the outdoor movie.  Tonight’s feature was Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise.
     5   John and Larry were up and out for bridge fishing at 630am.  They were gone a couple hours and came home with their limit of Mangrove Snappers.  I had a good morning harmonica practice and then we relaxed around our site, did some reading and I made a big batch of fish dip.

We had a nice morning lake walk and then headed out to vote.  We also did some leg work for Robin’s Benefit.  Robin is a 45 year old resident of our park.  She was diagnosed with lung cancer back in July.  There are a few of us at Lazy Lakes that are organizing a benefit for her later this month.
When we got home, John took over the kitchen to make a batch of salsa.  Tonight is Taco Tuesday and Jam Night at Looe Key tiki bar.  We headed up around 5pm.  It’s a chilly windy night about 62 degrees.  Chicago Sandy played for a while and then our group broke up and we headed home early.

 3   Today is another easy day.  We did some shopping and John ran his bait traps.  We kidnapped Debi and walked over to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  Along the way we picked up Larry.  We had our Lazy Lakes and Venture Out group and some headed to Boondocks and we stayed for bingo. 

2   Since we have been partying 9 straight days with Fantasy Fest and MOTM, today we grounded ourselves and watched football in the cow. 

1   We picked up Linda and Steve at 11am to head to the Casa for MOTM.  We had to get there early to set up our chairs.  We had a relaxing afternoon listening to Marshall Chapman.  We got in a photo shot of all the Key West Parrotheads and then John and I took a walk out on the pier to watch sunset.
It’s almost time for Mac McAnally to take the stage and it’s getting crowded.  Even though we saw Mac in Panama City at Chasin the Sun Fest and the other night up close and personal at Joe’s house, we always love seeing and listing to his stories and his music.  Of course he put on a great performance.  Now Club Trini took the stage.  Club Trini is the Coral Reefers without Mac McAnally.  However, Mac did join them about ½ way through there performance, so it’s now the Coral Reefer band.  We stayed to the end and really enjoyed it.  Now MOTM is done for us and we headed home.