John and Sandy's RV Adventure Journal

December 2014 Journal

It’s New Years Eve and it’s another beautiful day in the Florida Keys.  John and Larry were up and out bridge fishing by 634am.  Their back and it’s pool time.  John and I did some R&R at the pool.
Now its time to get ready for tonight.  A group of us are heading to the Sugarloaf KOA for New Years Eve.  Haywire is playing and it’s a 70’s theme.  John and I left at 430pm to make sure to get some tables.  Carmen beat us there.  So we got 3 tables and had BBQ dinner.  Slowly we ended up with 4 tables and about 20 of us from Lazy Lakes were there.  We did lots of dancing and had lots of fun.  At midnight the champagne flowed and the band kept playing until about 130am.  Jerry, Char, Ben, Maddi, Gary, John and I walked home then and we ended up getting to bed around 230am.
30   It’s a beautiful late December day.  We took our lake walk and there was no wind so the lake was like a mirror.  We stopped and visited with Larry and then got to take a look at Dale and Carolyn’s new fifth wheel.  John and Larry want to fish tomorrow, so they went to get some chum and run their bait traps.  Now with 85 degrees temps and sunny, we headed to the pool for some rays, reading and relaxing.  After a couple hours, we headed home and did some reading in our yard.
Now it’s time to regroup for Looe Key Tiki Bar.  Tonight is Tuesday and that means tacos and jam night.  Looe Key is in the process of expanding their tiki hut so when we got there, the workers were still putting up thatch.  It all worked out and the Taco Jam Band started around 630pm.  Chicago Sandy and the jammers were up on stage by 7pm.  Chicago Sandy got to really wail with Billy Brown.  Tonight there were just 4 of us, Gary, Maddie, John and I.  We had a great time, did some dancing and visited with friends.

29   We took our lake walk and stopped at the clubhouse for donuts, coffee and conversation.  Today is our first horseshoe games of the season and we had 10 of us.  John and George were partners and Dale and I were partners.  After regrouping and dinner, we walked to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  We didn’t win tonight, but we had a fun time.

After our lake walk, John, Larry and Gary took a bike ride and I practiced harmonica.  We took a time-out the rest of the day and enjoyed the last regular season football games.

We took our walk and just hung out today.  We regrouped and walked over to the KOA at 400pm for happy hour, BBQ and to get tables for tonight.  Linda was already there and luckily secured 2 tables.  Howard Livingston and the MM24 Band are playing tonight at 7pm and it was standing room only.  We had a lot of Lazy Lakers and other friends.  I won a 50/50 raffle and ended up getting a couple rounds for our friends.  Of course, Carmen was dancing almost every dance and we all joined in.  Howard auctioned off the first margarita from his Johnson and that went for 2,100.00.  All of it going to Care Camp for kids with cancer.
26   A beautiful winter day.  It’s 72 and heading for 79 today with a few clouds and a light breeze.  We took our lake walk and visited with Larry for a while.  We are having a time-out day with some domestic stuff and just relaxing.  Tonight we had leftovers from Christmas Day potluck and watched a couple westerns on TV.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  We wish all our family and friends a safe and Merry Christmas and whatever your holiday celebration may be.  Santa and Santa Cat stopped by the cow last night.  So John, Magic and I opened our gifts and enjoyed the beautiful morning.  Now we headed to the clubhouse to help with set up of our Christmas party at Lazy Lakes.   I finished up making the crab dip, coconut balls and sausage, peppers and onions that were bringing to the party.  Delis is cooking up pork loins and ham on the Lazy Lake grill, Craig was smoking turkey next door to us.  We had about 60 people for Christmas dinner.  We had so many appetizers, so much great main dishes and of course desserts.  The wine was flowing and we all ate and drank lots.  After getting everything taken down and cleaned up, Char, Ben, Chuck, Maddie, Larry, John and I started a jokers game.  Actually Char played a few games and then switched with Larry.  We had a jokers marathon of about 5 hours.  Mike, Joan, Craig, Debi, Sally and a few others were having cocktails during jokers.  We all had a great time!!!   
   24   It’s a beautiful Christmas Eve Day.  The sun is out and its 80 degrees.  After coffee, we took our walk and visited with friends.  Along the way, we dropped off some cards and gifts and picked up others.  Now we turned on our A/C and I made coconut balls, crabmeat dip and peppers, onions and sausage for tonight’s and tomorrow’s Christmas Parties.  Tonight we got invited to Pam and Rich’s home for a Christmas Eve party.  We really don’t know them, but they invited us so Chicago Sandy could be part of the band.  This is my first invited gig for a private party.  There was Chris and Dave on drums, Terri on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Stuart on vocals, Robert on guitar and vocals, Jeff on bass and Chicago Sandy on harmonica.  Pam was pushing Apple Pie moonshine.  There was lots of great food and drinks.  We met Rich and Ann from Volo, Illinois and a lot of new friends.     

23   Well, last night at happy hour, John, Larry, George and Ted decided they had enough bait to fish this morning.  I slept in and then did some computer stuff, read the paper and enjoyed coffee on the verandah.  Now, were both taking turns in the kitchen.  I’m making fish dip and other stuff for a Christmas Eve party we’re going to and for our Christmas Day Party at Lazy Lakes.  John is in the kitchen helping with fish dip.  We regrouped and headed to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night.  We had 7 of us and Chicago Sandy played and we did some dancing. 
22   This is the last fishing day for a while so John and Larry are taking advantage of it.  I headed to the clubhouse for donuts, coffee and conversation.  Now we headed into Big Pine for some Christmas and grocery shopping.  With that done, we had happy hour at the Bush’s with Debi and Maddie.  Now we kidnapped Debi and Larry and walked to KOA for happy hour and bingo.  The snowbirds are arriving.  Today KOA had 80 arrivals. 

The tides are right and John and Larry had the itch, so bridge fishing they went at 630am.  I slept in, enjoyed coffee and the newspaper on our verandah, wrapped presents with Santa and practiced harmonica.  They again got there limit of mangrove snappers and a jack.  Now we watched football, worked on photos, journal and website.  It’s a nice day around 78 and partly cloudy.  At 430pm, we walked over to the KOA for happy hour and pulled pork dinner.  Every Sunday they have homemade dinners and any money collected goes to Care Kamp for kids with Cancer.

Today we had a time-out day.  We took a nice lake walk, John and Larry walked to the burned out bridge and I enjoyed pool time with Joy and Maddie.  Later we had cocktails in our yard with Debi and then relaxed and watched football.

John and Larry were out by 630am again for bridge fishing.  Almost every day they get their limit.  As you can imagine, Larry, John and I can’t eat all this fish.  So, we package a lot of it out and give it to our neighbors.  While they were fishing, I did some projects and harmonica practice.  We regrouped and picked up Linda at 530pm to head over to Boondocks to see Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band.  We met Steve up there and as always had a great time.  We met a couple, Pam and Pete that just started listening to Howard and came down from Palm Beach to see him.
 18   Once again the boys, John and Larry were out at 7am for bridge fishing.  I am still fighting this dam cold, so I slept in and just relaxed.  Maddie and I saw John, Larry and Gary off on canoes launched at Robins place.  Now Maddie and I headed to Big Pine for some Christmas shopping and then we met the boys at Sugarloaf Tiki.  It was perfect timing.  We arrived at the marina just as they arrived from canoeing.  We walked to the tiki and met Woody and Ted there.  We had some strong sugarloaf punches and then headed home.  We ended up having cocktails in our yard with a bunch of friends.
 17   John and Larry were up and out at sunrise for bridge fishing.  They caught there limit and were back by 10am.  I helped Santa wrap some presents and made a taco salad for the Mexican potluck tonight.  Its’ still a small group maybe 20 people for potluck, but you wouldn’t guess that based on the amount of food we had.  We had a jokers game with Jerry, Char, Maddie, Larry, John and I.    

John and Larry went to check the bait traps and rerun them.  We relaxed in the afternoon and then headed up to Looe Key Tiki Bar for Taco Tuesday and Jam night.  We had 10 of us tonight, Gary, Maddie, Craig, Debi, Frisbee, Carmen, Debbie, Dave and John and I.  Chicago Sandy was jamming and we all had a great time.15   We still have colds, but are feeling better.  We took our lake walk and stopped for donuts, coffee and conversation.  John and Larry went to run bait traps and then did a walkabout to the burned out bridge.  I did some harmonica practice.  Debi and Ted stopped over for cocktails at 4pm.  Then we kidnapped Debi and Larry and walked to KOA for happy hour and bingo.

John and I still have our colds, so we grounded ourselves and watched football and did computer stuff.

We have so much fish in the freezer we decided to have a fish cookout.  We headed up to Big Pine for breakfast and shopping.  We invited people over at 3pm for cocktails and then grilled fish at 4pm.  Everyone is bringing a dish so once again we have lots of food.  We had Jerry, Char, Steve, Richard, Joy, Craig, Debi, Fish, Frisbee, Larry, Mike, Joan and a few others.  After a great dinner, a few of us headed to Craig and Debi’s for a fire, music and conversation.  Another rough day at the RV Park.
12   It’s still cool around 62 this morning.  We took our morning lake walk and stopped to visit with Larry.  Today we are just hanging around the cow and doing some projects.  John got antsy and headed out with Larry on a 9 mile walkabout past the school.  Now we grounded ourselves tonight because we are both fighting colds.

This morning was cool when we walked around the lake.  While I did laundry, John was in the kitchen making a new batch of salsa.  Projects done, time to party.  We are heading up to Marathon, yes Marathon with Gary and Maddie.  We are crossing the 7 mile bridge but not driving, Gary is.  We are heading to Sparky’s for happy hour and wings.  We met Frisbee up there and enjoyed shrimp, wings and cold beer.  Now Gary, Maddie, John and I met Steve at Bistro 31 on Big Pine Key for a parrothead party.  Paul is playing guitar, there were 50/50 drawings and we got to visit with other Key West Parrotheads. 
 10   Today we need a Key West shopping day.  We want to get some Christmas decorations for outside, we need a few presents, and something for tonight’s potluck dinner.  When we got home we got our rig and palm tree all decorated.  Now it’s time to get ready for potluck.  Delis is grilling pork loin and we are bringing BBQ beans.  There were about 25 of us and as always we had lots of food.  We had a 9 people for jokers and played 3 games. 
9   This is the last day for a while the tides are right, so John and Larry headed to the bridge this morning.  They got their limit and we have lots of fish for another cook-out.  I had a good harmonica practice session and then we did some reading and relaxing in the afternoon.  A cold front came down and John and I and Gary and Maddie are the only ones that braved the 65 degree temp and windy conditions to head to Looe Key Tiki Bar for tacos and jam night.  Chicago Sandy got to jam with the Taco Jam Band, Popeye, Moose, and others.  
8   Again, John and Larry are up and out by 7am.  I headed to the clubhouse at 9am for donuts, coffee and to visit with friends.  Now I had a good harmonica practice.  John and Larry were back with their limit.  We had a big leftover lunch and then did some reading and relaxing.  Gary, Maddie, Joy and Debi stopped by for Bush’s happy hour.  We couldn’t do an hour, since we kidnapped Debi and walked to the KOA.  We picked up Larry on the way.  John is fighting a cold and Larry and John walked back around 630 and I stayed for bingo.
 7   I am way behind on my journal, pics and website.  So today we’re taking a football time-out.  I am getting caught up and we’re watching the games.

   6   Once again, John and Larry were up before dawn to head to the bridge for fishing.  They were gone a few hours and did limit out with mangrove snappers.  I had a good harmonica practice with some of my new harps.  We relaxed in our yard doing some reading in the afternoon.
Now we regrouped and picked up Linda and Richard at 430pm.  We are meeting Steve at Hogfish Grill to see Mac McAnally at 630pm.  We got a great table and just in time.  Hogfish ended up packed.  We had a nice surprise.  We didn’t know CW Colt would be playing before Mac.  We really enjoy CW’s stories and music.  Lulu Buffett was there and we said hi.  We met her at the Casa during MOTM and at Joe’s house during a house party.  We have met Mac a few times and when talking to him, found out Mac and Jimmy Buffett was golfing yesterday at KW Golf course.

5   John and Larry were up and at the bridge fishing by 7am.  I did harmonica practice and then we both headed to the pool in the afternoon.  We ended up having cocktail hour at the Bush’s with Maddie, Carmen and Debi.  Tonight we took a time out and had a relaxing evening.

Today we did some domestic stuff and then some reading in our yard.  Even though it’s movie night we decided to stay in and watch Survivor we recorded last night.

   3   Again, the tides are right and John and Larry were up and out by 630am for bridge fishing.  They were back and had their catch all cleaned by 10am.  Chuck was making a couple soups from Thanksgiving leftovers.  So at noon we met others at the clubhouse and enjoyed a huge pot of both turkey and bean soup.  Now a little reading.  Tonight we are cooking the grouper and mangrove on the grill.  We invited Larry and throughout the day invited others.  We ended up having Carmen, Debi, Chuck, Douglas, Larry, John and I for dinner.  Even with all of us, we still had leftovers.  Now we headed to the clubhouse for our first seasons jokers game.  We had Jerry, Char, Chuck, Douglas, John and I.  Maddie and Gary arrived today and Maddie stopped by to help Douglas.  Sally stopped by for a while and filled in for a couple hands.
2  John and Larry were out for early morning bridge fishing.  John called and said to meet them at the fishing cleaning station.  They caught lots of mangrove and lane snappers.  John also caught a 25 inch Gag Grouper.  This is his 2nd keeper Gag Grouper in 2 months.
Now we took a break and did some afternoon reading and relaxing.
Later, we regrouped and picked up Larry and Sally and headed to Key West.  Tonight is Tuesday so normally jam night at Looe Key.  Tonight we changed it up and have a group going to McConnell’s Irish Pub for some good Irish food, some Irish beer and to see Fiona Malloy.  She is an Irish guitar player and singer that we’ve known for a few years.  She has stayed and performed at Lazy Lakes and all over the world.
Tonight our group is Steve, Richard, Chuck, Douglas, Sally, and Larry.  We met Chicky down there and made some new friends.  Judy and John from Ft Lauderdale on their 10 year anniversary and Ingrid and Giorgio from Switzerland visiting Key West.  We all had a great time.

1   After our walk around the lake, we stopped at the clubhouse to visit with friends and have donuts.  Today we hung around the site and did some projects.  We kidnapped Debi and walked over to the KOA for Happy hour and bingo.  John and I didn’t win, but a few Lazy Lakers did.  Another rough day in the keys.