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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 04Dec18 – Looe Key Jam Night

After our 2 mile walkabout, John and Larry pulled bait traps and I did music practice. We had a nice afternoon reading in our yard with our nature window. Now it’s time for Looe Key Tiki for tacos, cocktails and of course, the Taco Jam Band with Chicago Sandy. There were a lot of artists I perform with so I got to play a lot. It was a great time!!!

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 27Nov18 – Looe Key Jam Night

John and Larry were fishing this morning. Now John is getting Mr. Turkey prepared for tomorrow. Winter is coming to the keys. Today’s temp is only 73 and windy. We headed to Looe Key for Jam night. We wore our shoes, socks and sweaters and needed them. Chicago Sandy got to jam with Kenny (Skinny White Boy), Steve, Popeye, and Moose. We left around 9pm. The wind was up and the temperature was dropping. Around 67 degrees at 9pm. Tonight it’s going down to 63 degrees.

Sugarloaf Key – 20Nov18 – Looe Key Jam Night

John and Larry were out fishing again. I had a good session of singing, harmonica and ukulele practice. Now it’s time to head to Looe Key for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night. All the regulars were there. It’s starting to get busier and more people. Chicago Sandy got to jam a lot and we had a great time. It was only Linda, John and I but we had other friends visit with us.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 17Nov18 – Lazy Lakes Party

Sally, John and I took our lake walk this morning and visited with friends along the way. At noon we headed to the clubhouse to setup for Tom’s B’day and welcome campers party. There will be food, music, friends and fun. We headed down around 2pm to set up my music equipment and hang out. Capt Josh and Laurie got here around 230pm to set up. Capt Josh is playing today. Later when Josh was done, another artist, Leigh Guest got up and performed a few songs. Popeye is in the house and he got up and performed a few also. The Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band was next. We had Debi and Richard on Bass, Jerry on guitar, Sally on vocals, Popeye on the beat box and I was on harmonica. We had an AWESOME time and hopefully will do it again soon!!