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Melbourne Beach FL – 03May18

Nice morning. We had coffee overlooking the park out the the inter-coastal. We took a walk and now did some future park research. Time to explore. We headed south to a nice beach area. I got some sun and started a new book. John was off on a 4 mile beach walk. Now we moved North to Sebastian Inlet State Park. We took a walk out on the fishing pier and watched some surfers in the high waves. On the bay side we found our beach area and got a few more rays and did some reading. Time to head back and regroup.

Chicago Sandy is hoping to jam tonight. We stopped first at Lou’s Blues. A bar/tiki hut on the beach. We had a couple cocktails and checked out the stage and how the open jam works for next Tuesday night. Now on to Squid Lips across the causeway on the mainland. We got there as musicians were setting up. Tonight is open mic night. It worked out great. John is the host and pretty much everyone plays at the same time. Wasn’t sure how that worked out but it did. We met a lot of good musicians and Chicago Sandy got to really jam out. I got a job offer as harmonica player in a local band. But had to decline. This was a cool jam. At one point there was 15 people playing at once. Multiple singers, guitarist, percussion, trombone, keyboard, sax, trumpet, drums, bass and harmonica. It was a fun time and we would definitely recommend it.


Sugarloaf Key FL

After our morning coffee and newspaper looking out over our nature window. We did a nice 1 ¾ walk. Along the way Monroe County was almost done disposing of the Irma destroyed RV’s. Our friend Angie is doing her first skydiving today at Sugarloaf Airport. Linda, Debi and I went to watch and cheer her on. Now time to regroup and head to Tonio’s Tiki to see Moose. Linda, John and I were there and Chicago Sandy was invited up to play quite a few songs with Moose.

Sugarloaf Key FL

Tonight is our last night at Looe key Tiki for the Taco Jam Band jam night and taco Tuesday. We are going to be starting our summer adventure next week. Tonight was great! We are getting smaller, but Linda, Richard, Craig, Debi, Chuck and Douglas were there. We met lots of other friends and some jammers that only come once in a while. Chicago Sandy got to play a lot and had a great time.

Sugarloaf Key FL

We are getting more projects done today. Tonight is Looe Key for jam night and taco Tuesday. Our group is getting smaller. Craig, Debi, Chuck, Douglas, Linda, John and I. It started out not to crowded, but by the end of the night it was packed. Lots of jammers. Some were not able to get up. Adam a 21 year old was there and played great on his saxophone.