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Sugarloaf Key – 21Nov18 – Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band

John and Larry fishing were out fishing early. The tides have been right but today’s the last day for a while. Later, John headed for a 6 mile walkabout. Richard, Debi and I met at the clubhouse and had a Trash Band meeting and practice. It went well and we came up with 8 songs were going to focus on. Since Sally is now a Key West girl, it looks like I’m going to be a harp player and singer. Oh Boy!! After dinner, we played jokers with Jerry, Char, Angie and Betty.

Sugarloaf Key – 20Nov18 – Looe Key Jam Night

John and Larry were out fishing again. I had a good session of singing, harmonica and ukulele practice. Now it’s time to head to Looe Key for Taco Tuesday and Jam Night. All the regulars were there. It’s starting to get busier and more people. Chicago Sandy got to jam a lot and we had a great time. It was only Linda, John and I but we had other friends visit with us.