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Sugarloaf Key, FL

John and Larry went fishing and did great. Both caught their limit. Debi and I were across from our sites hanging out with Fred, Jimmy and 4 or their friends. Debi had a carrot so we cut it up and they enjoyed it. Iguanas are vegetarians and didn’t want the bait fish John gave them. We headed to Big Pine with to give blood then made a stop at Tonios. I was done from giving, so we headed home and took a time-out.

Sugarloaf Key FL

John and Larry were out fishing early again. This time Larry did pretty good 8 keepers and John had 2. That’s good since Larry’s hasn’t been doing well. John and I took a nice 2 mile walk and then a relaxing afternoon and evening.

Sugarloaf Key FL

John and Larry were out early fishing. The waters getting warmer and the fishing is slowing down. We headed to the clubhouse in the afternoon for wine tasting. After wine tasting we had 12 people for jokers, so 2, 6 person games.