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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 07Oct18

Today is Johns first fishing day of the season. He was out by 7am and ended up with a couple mangrove snappers and a couple jacks.

He couldn’t fish to long, today we are being kidnapped and taken to Key West by Richard. Linda and Sally were also on the Richard bus. Today is Locals Day. Linda, Sally and I got dropped off at First Flight to see Gerd and Sandra Lee perform for a set. Now Sally, John and I walked to the Custom House to tour that. It was our first time there. Lots of history about the keys and also art from local artists. There was history on electricity down here and a bucket from an electric truck. Sally and I got our picture and we were laughing crazy.

Now on to the Green parrot to hang with Richard for a while and listen to the Jazz Band. We moseyed on and stopped at Willie T’s with Sally to see Bradd Shudduck. A stop at Fat Tuesday’s for frozen drinks and now to Ricks. We met Linda, George and Darlene there. Yo Adrian was playing and that is always a crazy fun time. We rode down with Richard and home with George and Darlene.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 13Aug18

Jim and Diane came over around noon. Larry, Jim and John headed to the point with chicken livers to try some cat fishing. They got a couple nice catfish and a carp. Diane and I played some music. I played ukulele and Diane did some singing. After fishing we all relaxed for a little while and then we grounded ourselves.

Sugarloaf Key, FL

John and Larry went fishing and did great. Both caught their limit. Debi and I were across from our sites hanging out with Fred, Jimmy and 4 or their friends. Debi had a carrot so we cut it up and they enjoyed it. Iguanas are vegetarians and didn’t want the bait fish John gave them. We headed to Big Pine with to give blood then made a stop at Tonios. I was done from giving, so we headed home and took a time-out.

Sugarloaf Key FL

John and Larry were out fishing early again. This time Larry did pretty good 8 keepers and John had 2. That’s good since Larry’s hasn’t been doing well. John and I took a nice 2 mile walk and then a relaxing afternoon and evening.