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Sugarloaf Key

The fishing fools are out again. It’s a little warmer and a little less windy. They were gone a little over an hour and then I got a call to come take pictures. They got their limit of 10 mangrove snappers plus 1 lane snapper in about an hour. They still had to run traps and I did some guitar and harmonica practice. John made fish dip and we took a walk around to the park to drop some off. Tonight is movie night. The feature is “The Accountant”. There was quite a crowd and the movie was good, we would recommend seeing it.

Sugarloaf Key

John and Larry were out early for more fishing. It’s still cool and windy so I slept in. I worked on my journal, pictures and website. I’m making a pasta dill cucumber salad for potluck tonight so I did that. We headed poolside later for the famous Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band practice. After regrouping we have soup and salad potluck. Tonight I made a pasta dill cucumber salad. Of course we have to have a few joker games.

Sugarloaf Key

John and Larry were up early for fishing. John got a 21 inch 7 pound Mangrove Snapper. After running traps the rain came in again and we hung around the rig. For dinner John made nice fish filets on the grill. Now a couple cocktails in the yard with Debi. We walked over to KOA for happy hour cocktails. John, Maddie and I walked home.

Antioch, IL

Mark came over around noon and John and him went out to the point to fish for catfish. I had a good harmonica and guitar practice. They ended up catching 2 really nice catfish and had a couple get away. We came back and had some cocktails and sausage and sauerkraut appetizers. Biker Tom stopped by for a bit and then Mark started his fish foil packs. After dinner and drinks, we came inside and watched “The Reverant”. I ended up falling asleep. Mark stayed over and we all crashed after the movie.