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El Reno, OK

This morning I awoke to rain. It was nice with the window open listening to the rain. We walked over to the casino to get our daily free play. Today we got 20.00 each at both casinos. One in our lot and one across the street. We ended up winning a little and then came back, did some reading and relaxed. We like getting free play.

El Reno, OK

This morning we were on the road by 7am. We have about 250 miles to travel to Luck Star Casino in El Reno OK. We got set up in the rv section of the parking lot. They have FHU but you back into a small space with the utilities on the wrong side. There is a car show going on today so we were lucky we got here early to get the last space with hookups.

We can walk right to the casino. We will be here a couple nights. We can’t be picky because its free rv parking with hookups. We walked over to the casino to check out any free play. It worked out we got about 35.00 in free play today and should get more tomorrow. We played some video poker and slots, had a few beers and then headed back.

Albuquerque NM

      We were up and on the road by 745am. We have a really short day of only 60 miles to Albuquerque NM. We got checked into the KOA and met Kathy Baughman, her husband is Bob. They worked in Maine with our friends from the Sugarloaf KOA, Gloria, Jeff, Rachel and Steveo.
We were set up by 10am and now we are heading to Albuquerque Downs for some horse racing and casino time. We got there early and had a seat at the bar and bet on races from Arlington. We headed outside after Arlington was done. There were still a few races at Albuquerque. The casino is right next door so we headed there for a while then stopped for Chinese dinner.