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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 12Jan20 – Key West Day

Up early, we have a Key West Day today. Larry, Suzy, Sally, John and I rode with Richard down to Key West. We started at the Parrot. Pete and Tina showed up and Jean and Dave. Dave played some trombone. Now Larry, Suzy, Sally, John and I headed out. We stopped at Lucy’s and had a few cocktails and music. Now on to Irish Kevin’s. We had move drinks and Suzy was up on stage drinking Bourbon Whiskey with Irish Kevin. Richard arrived and we all had a few more cocktails. Now we headed to Outback steakhouse for dinner. When we got home, we were done!!! Great day!!

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 26Dec19 – Key West Day

John headed out on his bike ride early. Now Richard, Larry, Sally John and I headed to Key West to the Tropic Theater to see the new Star Wars Rise of Skywalker. It was a great show. Now we moseyed to Red Fish Blue Fish for cocktails. Then moved on to the wharf area to enjoy all the beautiful Christmas decorations. We went to Schooner Wharf for dinner and cocktails and our friends, Dave Herzog and Chuck Fox were playing and singing on the Steel Drums and guitar. It was a great day after Christmas.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 13Dec19 – Key West Theater for Leonid Vorobyev and Friends

We took our bike ride and then had an easy day. We regrouped and headed to Key West to pick up Sally. We headed to the book store where our friend, musician, author and illustrator, Leigh Guest was doing a book signing on her new book, “Fred the Tree”. Now to Lucy’s for some apps and a couple cocktails.
We have ticket for the Key West Theater tonight. So we headed there. A band from Russia, Leonid Vorobyev and friends are performing tonight. They were recommended by our Akumal friends, Bruce and Sue. We met some Looe Key friends, Beth and Mike and a new friend Gerome from Ontario.
The band plays Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire and Blood Sweat and Tears. They were so precise. It’s an 11 piece band and they were just AWESOME!! Roman, the leaders son, told stories about how the band got started and various members history.
They mentioned they were heading to Schooner after the show. So John and I walked there with Beth, Mike and Gerome. Along the way we enjoyed all the beautiful and festive Christmas decorations. Sally and Jimmy met us there. This was awesome also.
The entire band and crew showed up. We got to talk to them and get lots of great pictures. We met Dorien, from Michigan, which was their stalker, but now works for them on PR. It was just an AWESOME night. We didn’t get home until 2am, but that’s ok.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 12Dec19 – Fishing – Band Practice – Tavern and Town

Another early fishing morning. The boys got their limit on Mangrove Snappers again. The smallest is 12 inches. All the others are 13 to 18inches. I headed to the clubhouse for band practice. We’ve had a couple weeks off and we all need it. Now time to re-group and headed to Tavern and Town with Larry and Richard. We met Sally and Jimmy there and listened to Bobby Nesbitt. We had lots of great music, friends, food and martini’s.