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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 19Apr19 – Key West and CW Colt

We were having a domestic day and it turned into a Key West Day. CW Colt is playing at Smokin Tuna at 5pm, so we picked up Sally at 330pm and walked Duval.
We stopped at Capt Tony’s but our friend Bo Fodor was just finishing his set. So we continued on to Irish Kevins. Our friend, John Solinski was playing and he’s always fun to listen to.
Now we went to Smokin Tuna and CW was just starting. We talked for a few minutes. We had a nice table up front by the bar. Some big storms are coming and about 730pm they arrived. John had secured us 3 seats at the bar and we moved over there. The stage is kinda covered so CW played a little bit longer. But then the wind came. They brought the plastic curtain down and that was it.
We stayed and had dinner while it was pouring. There was a break so off we went. We didn’t quite make it to the car before we got soaked. That’s ok. Lot’s of lightning too. We had a fun Key West afternoon and evening.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 17Apr19 – Key West Biking Day

We had our morning walkabout and everything was quite. Now we headed to Key West with our new bike rack and our bikes. We parked at Sears. We did the Eastern side riding back up to Hwy 1 and then down Smathers Beach way to Shanna Key. We stopped for 1 cocktail and then headed back. It was a tough ride back because we had the wind in our face most of the way. We ended up doing about 9 miles. Now a nice steak dinner at home.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 07Apr19 – Key West Day – Linda’s B’Day

We set the alarm and was on the road with Richard and Larry by 745am heading to pick up Sally and have a Key West day for Linda’s Birthday. We saw the Duval Loop and hopped on. Linda and Tom were already on. The driver took us right to Blue Heaven. We had a nice breakfast. I had KW Pink Shrimp Eggs Benedict.

Now Linda and Tom headed to Ricks. Richard, Larry, Sally, John and I moseyed on. We stopped at Lucy’s for morning cocktails. We are heading to Hemingway’s Papa Pillar Rum Distillery for a VIP tour. However they don’t start them until noon. We did the tour and it was very informative. Now a little tastings. Next we went to the other rum company for more tastings. We moseyed on over to Ricks to see Linda and Tom. Debra, Todd and Cyndi was there. We partied for a bit then stopped at Irish Kevins. A quick stop at Charlie Mac’s to get Richard from the Parrot.

Now to Outback for dinner. OK, we are DONE!!! It was a great day.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 27Mar19 – Key West Day with Dave, Julie and Sally

We want to go on a sunset cruise tonight, so we headed to Key West. We picked up Sally and our first stop was Schooner Wharf. We saw Steve Craigo there. A new performer Jeff Clark was playing there. It ended up to be to windy for a sunset cruise so we had a Key West Day. We moved to Irish Kevin’s, then Ricks for Yo Adrian. We stopped at Red fish Blue fish then on to Mallory Square. We saw sunset at Sunset Pier with Billy the squid and the sea cow drifters. Now we walked to Berlins and met up with Larry. He had seen Bobby Nesbit and was heading out. We left our truck and stopped for some food and then headed home with Larry.