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Sugarloaf Key FL

John and I picked up Sally and headed to the new Truman Amphitheater. The free concert runs from noon until about 8pm tonight. CW Colt told us about it. But we haven’t see it promoted. Lots of great artists are on the line up. When we arrived there were a few parents there for the Bahama Village Music Program class and then the BVMP House of Rock Band. They were both really good. However, when they were done, Sally, John and I were the only one’s left in the whole amphitheater. CW Colt was up next with RB Tolar on electric guitar and Steve Super on Bass. Not sure of the drummer. Now Freebo a well-known singer songwriter joined them. They Freebo was up. Adrianne Z was up now and then Juliana MacDowell. Freebo is back. It was a great private concert for the 3 of us. From about 130pm until 7pm it was just us other then the occasional bicycler or roadie sitting out with us. Some parents came later for the High School Jazz Band. That’s when we headed out. We had a great time but felt bad that it was promoted properly and there wasn’t more people. We felt honored to have a private concert with great artists.

Sugarloaf Key FL

Key West Sunday. We rode with Richard, Larry, Linda and Sally to Key West. Linda got dropped off at Ricks, Larry, John and I went to Charlie Macs for a cocktail and then met Richard and Sally at the Green Parrot. Sue and Steve showed up and we enjoyed the jazz music and popcorn. Sally was on her way, Richard wanted dinner and Linda didn’t. We left Linda at Ricks and Richard, Larry, John and I headed to Outback for steaks. A big thunderstorm moved in and we had lots of rain when we left. We collected Linda and headed home. Another fun day in Key West.

Sugarloaf Key, FL

We were up and out early. We headed to Blue Heaven for Chuck and Linda’s Bday breakfast. Chuck, Douglas, Craig, Debi, Richard, Larry, Linda, Sally, Vic, Wendy, John and I. After a great lobster eggs benedict, some headed home and Chuck, Douglas, Larry, Sally and us went to explore Key West. We are using our bar card and drinks coupons. We started at Blue Macaw. Then on to 801 and saw Gator and Steven. Irish Kevins was next and we saw John Smolinski. Now to Sunset Pier and listened to Raven. Chuck and Douglas left us and Larry, Sally, John and I went to Pier House to Beach Bar and Chart Room. We caught the Duval Loop bus to get back to our truck and headed home.

Sugarloaf Key FL

Richard kidnapped Linda, Sally, John and I and we headed to Two Friends Restaurant to meet up with Pete, Tina, Bill, Binky and Cyndie. Our friend, CW Colt is playing and we enjoy his stories and music. Chicago Sandy was invited up for a song Now Richard and Linda headed home and the rest of us went to Capt Tony’s. Another friend Bo Fodor was performing their. Chicago Sandy got to jam for a couple songs. Now next door to the Tiki Hut. Our buddy Jared is playing here. After lots of cocktails and fun, Pete, Tina, John and I said have fun to Sally and Cyndi and we headed home with Pete and Tina.