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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 17Nov18 – Lazy Lakes Party

Sally, John and I took our lake walk this morning and visited with friends along the way. At noon we headed to the clubhouse to setup for Tom’s B’day and welcome campers party. There will be food, music, friends and fun. We headed down around 2pm to set up my music equipment and hang out. Capt Josh and Laurie got here around 230pm to set up. Capt Josh is playing today. Later when Josh was done, another artist, Leigh Guest got up and performed a few songs. Popeye is in the house and he got up and performed a few also. The Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band was next. We had Debi and Richard on Bass, Jerry on guitar, Sally on vocals, Popeye on the beat box and I was on harmonica. We had an AWESOME time and hopefully will do it again soon!!

Sugarloaf Key, FL

Our last potluck and jokers. Mike and Dale had chickens on the bbq and everyone brought a dish. Mike was blending up some really good pina coladas. We had lots of good food and drinks and then some jokers games. Another rough day at Lazy Lakes RV Resort.

Sugarloaf Key FL

Happy Easter. We had a french toast breakfast potluck this morning. Greg and Carol had homemade syrup that they tapped and made. Everyone brought a dish and we had mimosas, bloody marys, sunrise rum punches and a few others. After great food and beverages, we had 12 of us for jokers so 2 tables of 6. Now John and I moved to our yard to listen to music and Debi joined us. It’s a beautiful afternoon. As our friend and musician CW Colt says, “We have nothing to do and all day to do it”. So we had a few more cocktails and then John and I did a walkabout while John enjoyed a Cuban cigar. We stopped by Greg and Carols for a while and Gil came by for a bit. Great day!!!