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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 05Dec18 – Band Practice and Jokers

John and Larry were out fishing by 630am and I’m doing music practice. Our band, Richard, Debbie and I had practice this afternoon. We are all working on our singing. We are getting better and always having fun. Tonight we headed to the clubhouse for jokers. We had 3 cutthroat games of 7 and 1 teams game of 6. Maddie, Lena, Betty, Angie, Larry, John and I played the 7 person and Larry headed home so the rest of us played the teams game.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 28Nov18 – Smoking a Turkey

John is in the kitchen bright and early this morning. He is getting Mr. Turkey ready for the smoker. It’s going to be a maple syrup bacon wrapped smoked turkey. This morning is cold. Windy and only 62 degrees. The Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band, Debbie, Richard and I had practice today by the pool. Now the Mr. Turkey is done and it was wonderful. He took a little longer due to the wind, but it was great.

Sugarloaf Key – 21Nov18 – Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band

John and Larry fishing were out fishing early. The tides have been right but today’s the last day for a while. Later, John headed for a 6 mile walkabout. Richard, Debi and I met at the clubhouse and had a Trash Band meeting and practice. It went well and we came up with 8 songs were going to focus on. Since Sally is now a Key West girl, it looks like I’m going to be a harp player and singer. Oh Boy!! After dinner, we played jokers with Jerry, Char, Angie and Betty.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 17Nov18 – Lazy Lakes Party

Sally, John and I took our lake walk this morning and visited with friends along the way. At noon we headed to the clubhouse to setup for Tom’s B’day and welcome campers party. There will be food, music, friends and fun. We headed down around 2pm to set up my music equipment and hang out. Capt Josh and Laurie got here around 230pm to set up. Capt Josh is playing today. Later when Josh was done, another artist, Leigh Guest got up and performed a few songs. Popeye is in the house and he got up and performed a few also. The Lazy Lakes Trailer Trash Band was next. We had Debi and Richard on Bass, Jerry on guitar, Sally on vocals, Popeye on the beat box and I was on harmonica. We had an AWESOME time and hopefully will do it again soon!!