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Feb 19 2016

John and Larry were up and out by 630am and heading to the brisge for fishing.  When I got up I worked on projects and did some harmonica practice.  John got back and Dennis came over.  After lunch we regrouped, picked up Larry and headed to geiger key to hike the beach.  I had my beach chair and did some reading.  Now we stopped at Geiger Key for happy hour.  Ray West and Corey was there to play so that was great.  Chicago Sandy got to play with them.  A bunch of Lazy Lakers also came by.  Gary, Maddie, Larry, Dennis, Greg, Lou, Rebecca, John and I.  When we got home Dennis, John and I stayed in and watched survivor.

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Jan 2, 2015

Here we go again, John and Larry were out fishing by 645am.  Today they caught more jacks than snappers.  I took a time-out and did some reading.  In the afternoon, John made salsa and helped me with fish dip.  We had a nice steak dinner and were going to have another easy evening.  Well it didn’t turn out that way.  We decided to get a glass of wine and take a lake walk.
When we were passing by Jerry and Char’s we heard lots of laughing and fun, so we stopped in.  Guess what, a wine party was going on.  Jerry, Char, Ben, Chuck, Douglas, Dale, Caroline were there.  Soon some left and Sally and Larry and others stopped by.  More wine, more wine.  The bottle were empting fast.  Jerry got out his guitar and banjo.  So Jerry and Ben started playing.  I didn’t have my harps but Jerry had some so I started with those.  John went home to get my harps and more wine, but he didn’t return.  I stayed and played for a while and then Larry walked me home.  We had a great time on our wine walk.