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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 16Apr19 – Bike ride and Jam Night

We went for a morning bike ride out to the burned out bridge. Along the way we saw a couple deer and a raccoon. There was a guy throwing a net to catch some bait and we saw hundreds of Mullet along shore. We headed to Looe Key for tacos and jam night. Chicago Sandy did lots of jammin. I did a duet with Marc and sang Mary Janes Last Dance. I’ll be updating my Chicago Sandy harmonica youtube and facebook page soon.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 09Apr19 – Looe Key – Chicago Sandy

These mornings are beautiful. We took our walk and visited with Larry and Gil. Now Larry and John went to run bait traps. A couple more fishing days for Larry and then he’s back on the road. We have some strong storms coming, so we did some indoor projects.
We lost power about 5pm but headed to Looe Key anyway. The power was out from MM85 to MM0. It’s just John and I tonight. It was still off at 6pm when the jam band was suppose to start. No electricity, no band. Tony told me, no problem. He has an acoustic guitar and I have harmonicas. So Tony and I got some chairs and did a few songs unplugged.
The electric came on about 645pm and soon after the band started. I decided to sing one of my trash band songs, Folsom Prison. I think I did pretty good. Now back on harmonica. There were a lot of artists tonight. Trombone Chris, Flip Flop Bob, Popeye, Mark Peterson, Ginie, Moose, John Cosgrove, Craig, Micheal Oben, Kenny skinny white boy, and others. Chicago Sandy got some good jammin in and we had a great time.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 02Apr19 – Fishing – Nurse Shark Feeding – Looe Key Jam Night

The boys were out fishing early. They got 3 and called me when they were coming back. I met them at the fish cleaning station. When Larry threw the carcasses in, there were 3 or so nurse sharks that were fighting for them. It was so cool to watch.
John and Larry worked on the underbelly today for a while. We also did some research for our summer travels.
We headed to Looe Key for jam night. The crowds are getting smaller but there are still a lot of great musicians. Chicago Sandy got to jam almost the whole time. Ginnie stopped by to play and sing but didn’t get to. In addition to the main jam band, Tony Napoli, Marc Davis, Rob Garza and Glen Fast, there were lots of musicians I got to jam with tonight. Chris on trombone, Allen on drums, Rita, Tall Tim, Kenny (skinny little white boy), Mark Peterson, Popeye, Craig on guitar, Moose, John Cosgrove on guitar, ???

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 26Mar19 – Fishing and Looe Key Jam Night

The four of us had our lake walk and we talked with Larry about fishing. We headed off for fishing about noon. We got our limit of Mangrove Snapper and Dave and Larry both had a tarpon on and I had a jack on. Dave caught the largest one and Julie caught the most. While John and Larry were cleaning the fish, a couple nurse sharks came to collect the carcasses. Now a little pool time and then we regrouped and headed to Looe Key for jam night. As always, Chicago Sandy got to jam with a lot of great artists.