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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 21Dec19 – Popeye’s Jam Night

Nice morning. About 77 degrees, sunny but still windy about 20-25 mph. I made split pea soup and we did a lake walk. Now John is off on his bike ride. I haven’t been riding. My knee has been giving me issues, so I’ve been giving it a break. We headed up to the Paradise on Big Pine for Popeye’s jam night. We met Gary, Maddie, Russ and Marsha there. Chicago Sandy jammed for a while and then another harp player, Rooster showed up so I took a break and then we left. My knee we acting up.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 07Dec19 – Popeye’s Jam Night

Nice morning. We did our bike ride and then some reading and relaxing. Now time to re-group and head to the Paradise BSB on Big Pine for Popeye Jam night. Gary and Maddie came up for a while. More and more jammers show up every week. Tonight, Popeye, Debbie, Cheryl, Roger, Buddy, Cory, Bobby D, Kendall and Dave. There was an Elf Christmas bike ride and people were dressed Elfy. We saw Angie and trombone Chris. It was a great time like always.

Chicago Sandy with Cory – Debbie – Cheryl – Buddy – Johnny Be Good
Chicago Sandy with Popeye – Roger – Debbie – Cheryl – Buddy – Brown Eyed Girl
Chicago Sandy with Popeye – Roger – Debbie – Cheryl – Buddy – Cherry Bomb
Chicago Sandy with Bobby D – Popeye – Roger – Buddy – Coffee Blues