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Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 31Aug18

We had a nice easy day today. We headed to JJ Blinkers to get our Key West Fantasy Fest Costumes. Our friend Sam had a dream that John was Friar Tuck and I was Robin Hood. So those are the costumes we got. Later in the day, we had drinks by our place and Sam was over. We made Bloody Mary’s and changed into our costumes. He was so happy his dream came true. Now it’s dark and the mosquitoes are out. A lighting storm is all around us so we headed to Rosie’s Bar a little gambling, cocktails, dancing and karaoke fun.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 25Aug18

Kidnapped again!! Paul, Chris, Ray, Sam, Larry, John and I headed on the chain and down the river. We went to the locks and then stopped at the Snuggery on the way back for lunch and cocktails. We hung around Sam’s place until the mosquitoes came out and then to Duffy’s for a little while. Tonight is Larry’s last night and he has to be good. He came up to Rosie’s for one. Now down to Duffy’s to say his “See you somewhere’s” to the group. We grounded ourselves early too.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 19Aug18

Mr Myers is at Blarneys Island for Blarney Gras. Our group got there early around 1230pm to secure seats. We had quite a few of us. Our friend Rick from Chicago and Phoenix was there with his girlfriend Debi. We met some new Key West friends, Gina and Mark. They live half time in Key West and also Michigan. They are selling pasties for Fantasy Fest. We will see them down in Key West. We all did dancing and had lots of fun. Now back to Rosie’s for more fun.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 10Aug18

Our Key West friend Larry arrived at our park around 1pm with his rig. He is staying a couple weeks. It’s Friday and the weekend warriors are also arriving. We had a group by Sam and Jackies. Then ended up at our rig for some pina coladas with Shakey Ron and the girls, Taylor, Jordan and Carson. I played some harmonica and gave them each a harmonica and a short lesson. Now on to Rosie’s Bar. Chrissy and Oramay forced me to do cherry bomb shots. Jackie, Larry and I headed back around 1230am.