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Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 29Jun18

It’s a hot one today, around 95 and sunny. We had a group of us, Chris, Sam, Jackie, Kim, Julie, Dave, Mike, Katie, Kim, Kenny and a few others head to the pond for some relaxing in the water. We regrouped and moved to Sam and Jackies back yard for shade and a breeze. There is a surprise party for biker Tom’s B’day at Rosies Bar, so we had a big group over there. John and I left around 11pm and the party was going strong.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 28Jun18

Kim and I headed to the McHenry VFW to get tickets for the queen of hearts raffle. There are 13 of us in the park going in. Who knows we could get her. Now John and I headed to Hickory Knowls for some golfing. We were the only ones on the course. With all the rain we’ve had lately it was pretty wet. We made up a cocktail and headed to Jim Duffy’s for a while and Chris was also there. Now on to Sam and Jackies. The mosquitos came out and we all headed to Rosies Bar. We closed the bar and then back to Sam and Jackies for a while. I got in around 2am. Most of the group was up until around 4am.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 22Jun18

More rain, more wind, more cold. We are DONE with this. There was a Friday party by Sam and Jackies. It’s raining again and John and I headed to the Port of Blarney to see our Key West friend John Solinski perform. He was supposed to be at the Island for Key West Fest but the weather moved him to the Port. We stopped at Rosie’s afterwards and our friends had moved there. We got in around 3am

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 16Jun18

There is a retirement party at Rosie’s for our friend John. There were a bunch over there. Mike the DJ also did Karaoke. The Grass Lake Hotties sang “Wild Thing”. Chicago Sandy got up, sang and played harmonica to Last Dance for Mary Jane and Folsom Prison. Now Paul and Chris kidnapped us and others for boating. We did the loop and stopped at the Sandbar Tiki for cocktails. It was sunset when we got back.