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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 06Oct19 – Sugarloaf Tiki Octoberfest

After coffee we took a walk around the lake. The dam tide is coming up again. When John got back from his bike ride, it was still coming up. We watched some football and when the tide was down, we headed to Sugarloaf Tiki for Octoberfest. The Bahama Village Music Program kids and Larry Baeder were playing. We enjoyed cocktails, German food, music and a beautiful view. When we got back, we enjoyed music and cocktails outside watching our nature window.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 04Oct19 – Sugarloaf Tiki

Yep! The Tides are still way up. They were supposed to have been done days early, but they are still here. We are doing a few projects. It’s drizzling and looks like some big storms. John needed his bike ride, so off he went in the rain. Now a little relax time. We headed to Sugarloaf Tiki to get tickets for Sunday Bahama Village benefit and for happy hour.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 19Jul19 – Sugarloaf Lodge Sunset

John was up early and working on the roof on the A/C units. Getting them cleaned and changed the capacitor on the bedroom unit. Now we went on a bike ride. John did 8 miles and I did 5 miles. We headed over to Sugarloaf Tiki for a few cocktails. George, Darlene and Amy were there. Also our neighbor Dave. John Andrews was playing guitar and singing and it was a beautiful sunset.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 22Jun19 – Sugarloaf Tiki

We did our lake walk and now I practiced guitar and John went for a bike ride. He only did 3 miles today because he got a flat tire. We headed for the bike shop and some groceries. Now some relaxing. We headed over to Sugarloaf Lodge Tiki for sunset even though it’s overcast. Our friends George and Darlene were there so we hung out with them. Zack Lovering was playing. It was a perfect night.