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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 14Dec18 – Tonios and Looe Key

After a nice lake walk, we headed to Big Pine for shopping. Now it’s pool time. We got some rays and relaxation. Now on to Tonios to see our friend, Charlie Walmsley play keyboard, harmonica and sing. Another friend, Mike Rooney came by and we talked for a while. Haywire is playing at Looe Key so we headed on over there. Gary, Maddie, Richard, Jerry and Char were already there. We did some dancing and had a great time.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 07Dec18 – Fishing and Tonio’s

It’s still cool, around 67 and still a little windy. John and Larry headed out fishing at 630am. They both got their limit (5) of Mangrove Snappers. They caught more, but only kept the largest ones. I did music practice and then we hung out, did some reading and put up our Christmas decorations. A nice steak dinner and then headed to Tonio’s to hang out with Linda and Tom. A new artist, Zack Lovering was performing on guitar and vocals. We liked him and will see him again. Kenny (skinny white boy) stopped by and he has 3 gigs set up at Tonios.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 30Nov18 – Tonio’s/Looe Key

John put up Christmas lights and I did some music practice. Now we headed to Tonio’s for happy hour and some music from RB Tolar. We only stayed until around 8pm. Now we headed to Looe Key to listen to Haywire for a while. Richard, Joy, Teresa and Debbie was there so we sat with them. We had a few cocktails and did some dancing.

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 12Oct18

This morning we did our 2 mile walk. However, John walked and I borrowed Linda’s bike and rode. Now we did some beach and snorkeling recon. We stopped at Looe Key Dive Shop for repairs to my fins. Saw our friend Wes and stopped for a cocktail at the tiki. Now we explored Middle and Big Torch Key. We saw 2 bucks and a raccoon. We went to Big Pine bikes to look at them and stopped at Milagros for a cocktail. Now on to Tonio’s to meet up with Linda and Tom. We listened to Lee Guest a new singer in the keys. Stopped for ice cream and cookies and were done.