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Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 24Jun18

Today there are 4 boats heading to Blarneys about 30 of use. Mr Myers is playing and it’s always a fun time. Jim, Diane and Dennis came over and we all went in Paul and Chris’s boat. We had a few die hards left after Mr Myers finished. We saw a Bald Eagle in the tree by our canal on our way back. We stopped at Rosies for dinner with Sam, Jackie, Paul and Chris when we got back.

Grass Lake RV Park – Antioch IL – 23Jun18

Finally!! A perfect morning, sunny, slight breeze and about 73 degrees. We got kidnapped and headed to Blarney Island for Key West Fest. Today a Buffett band Banana Wind is playing. There were 3 boats in our group about 25 people. We had a great time. Lots of dancing, limbo, and craziness. When the boats got back around 9pm, we grounded ourselves. Good choice, some stayed up until 430am.

Sugarloaf Key FL

Big golf day. Craig, Debi, Jerry, Char, Douglas, John and I headed to Boondocks for cocktails and 18 holes of putt putt golf. We only played 18 holes but it took us 3 hours. We had a great time. Now it’s time for Tonio’s Tiki Bar. We lost a few putt putt people, Craig, Debi, Jerry and Char but we gained others, Chuck, Linda, and Richard. Capt Josh and his wife Laurie is playing. We had some stone crab claws, appetizers cocktails and enjoyed Capt Josh’s music.