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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 19Oct19 – Paradise for Popeye’s Jam

Today was windy and overcast. John headed out early for his 12 mile bike ride. We are doing reading and guitar practice. We headed to Paradise in Big Pine for Popeye’s 1st open mic night. It was awesome. The core band is Popeye-guitar/vocals, Cheryl -12 string guitar/vocals, Debbie – vocals, Roger – Bass, and John on drums. A lot of artists were there. For drums, Bill and Flip Flop. Bass – Corey. Banjo – Mike. Guitar – Fritz, and others. Harmonica – Chicago Sandy. I also sang Mary Jane. There were a lot of friends hanging out. Thanks Popeye and Debbie for setting it up.

Chicago Sandy with Popeye Jam Night – Hey Baby – Popeye, Debbie, Cheryl, Corey, and John
Chicago Sandy with Popeye Jam Night – Mama Don’t Allow – Popeye, Cheryl, Corey, John and Mike
Chicago Sandy with Popeye Jam Night – Mary Jane’s Last Dance – Popeye, Debbie, Cheryl, Corey, and John

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 16Oct19 – CW Colt Backyard Concert

Tides are still up. We stopped by Larry’s for a while before our bike ride. Now on to the pool for a few rays and relaxing. We regrouped and picked up Richard and Sally. We stopped by Sally’s for a bit to visit with the new puppy, Buddy. Now on to CW Colts backyard concert. Tonight CW, Alejandro, Sophia, Tony, Chicago Sandy, and RB played on the concert stage. We had great food, cocktails, stories and music. Thank you to CW, Flory and all who put this together. On the way home, we stopped by Key West Mayor, Terri Johnston to see her Halloween decorations. Pretty cool!!!

Chicago Sandy with CW Colt – Alligator Sing – CW Colt’s Backyard Concert
Chicago Sandy with CW Colt – Jack Daniels – CW Colt Backyard Concert

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 08Oct19 – Looe Key Jam Night

So we moved the truck out on Johnson Road. Tonight when we head to Looe Key for jam night the tide should already be up again. John did his bike ride and I practiced guitar. We got our Zombie and Fantasy Fest stuff out to organize it. Now we walked to the truck on Johnson and headed to Looe Key. Richard joined us and it is getting busier. Chicago Sandy got to jam with the main band, Ray West, Bob Tucker and Brian. I also got to play with Tall Tim, Popeye and Scary Gary. It was a great jam and lots of fun. We left the car on the road and walked in due to the tides.

Chicago Sandy, Tim, Ray, Bob, Brian – Midnight Special

Chicago Sandy, Popeye, Ray, Bob and Bill – Hey Baby

Chicago Sandy, Popeye, Scary Gary, Ray, Bob and Bill – No Way to Go

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 25Aug19 – KW Day

John had an 8 mile ride today. He had to get back to regroup. We are heading to the Big City today with Richard. We stopped at the Green Parrot then moseyed to Schooner Wharf to listen to Michael McCloud. Now on to Two Friends to listen to our friend, RB Tolar. RB invited Chicago Sandy up to play a couple. Now a stop at Willie T’s to listen to our friend, Bradd Shudduck. We met Richard back at the Green Parrot and headed to Outback for dinner.

Chicago Sandy with RB – Mother Mother Ocean