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Sugarloaf Key, FL – 30Apr19 – Looe Key Jam Night

Beautiful morning. We took our lake walk and now John is in need of another bike ride. I did some projects and then I had a music practice day while John did some reading. Tonight is Jam night Looe Key Tiki. The crowds are getting smaller. Mike V was filling in for Marc and David was filling in for Rob. After the jam band did their set, Chicago Sandy let it off with Mary Jane’s Last Dance. Singing and harmonica. Some of the artists tonight are , Trombone Chris, Tall Tim, Moose, and Popeye.

Chicago Sandy and Popeye – Hey Baby

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 25Apr19 – Conch Republic Celebration

Busy day. On our lake walk we said our see you laters to Jerry and Char. They are heading out tomorrow.
Now is band practice. We had to cut it a little short.
We are kidnapping Richard and Sally and heading to Key West for Conch Republic Days. We started at the Southernmost House to listen to CW Colt to celebrate the Conch Republic Independence. Chicago Sandy did get to jam to Jack Daniels with CW. We met the Admiral of the Conch Republic Navy and took the oath. Richard, Sally, John and I are now Seaman First Class in the Conch Republic Navy. Always salute with your left hand and drink with your right. The admiral sang and told the story of the Conch Republic.
Now on to the parade. Our friend Julie Waters in this years Queen of the Conch Republic. We moseyed on down and stopped at 801 for a couple beers and to watch some of the parade with drag queens. Now continuing on, we hung out at Ricks for a while and saw John Ski Solinski and friends. We headed to the Tuna to see Caffeine Carl and George Chapman. Now its getting late.
We dropped Sally off and Richard, John and I stopped at IHOP for breakfast. We got home about 1230am and had a GREAT day in the Conch Republic.

Hymm of the Conch Republic

Chicago Sandy and CW Colt

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 23Apr19 – Looe Key Jam Night

Tonight is Looe Key Jam night. Fewer and fewer people but still a lot of locals. Chicago Sandy had some good jammin with Rita, Tall Tim, Steve, Popeye, Micheal Oben, and Kenny (skinny white boy). Of course all the regulars. There was a new person, Richard, that had 8 instruments. Three saxophones, 2 flutes, Coronet, Piccolo, and something we did a know. We had a great time as always.

Chicago Sandy and Popeye

Sugarloaf Key, FL – 20Apr19 – Geiger Key and Howard Livingston

A little overcast and cooler morning. We took our lake walk and visited with Richard along the way. We headed out with Linda and Tom to Geiger Key Tiki to see Howard, Tim and Rick. We had perfect seats and met 2 new friends, Laurie and Dave from Cleveland. We had a great time and Chicago Sandy got to play Wild Thing and Sweet Home Chicago with Howard, Rick and Tim. We had a great time. On the way home we saw a beautiful full moon over the water.

Chicago Sandy and Howard playing Sweet Home Chicago
Chicago Sandy and Howard playing Wild Thing